Three Scalable Ways to Monetize Your Fitness Knowledge


Training and giving advices to people in private is a popular form of doing business for fitness trainers, dieticians and nutrition professionals. This makes their services personalized as they are customized according to the clients’ needs. The downside of the model is that it is not scalable because you cannot effectively leverage your success. Here are three simple (don’t confuse with easy) ways to expand your financial horizons outside daily practices.

Write a Book

Writing a book is one way to leverage your working hours and earnings. It provides a wide range of long-term commercial benefits that will raise your income to a new level. Obviously, this is not only a number of sales your book will produce.

Putting your expertise into words is the fastest ways to raise your status to “expert”. Even people who have never read your book will recognize you as an expert, simply because you’ve been published. A book establishes customers’ trust and credibility in you so that it is easier to sell your usual services at high prices. For example, the father of guerrilla marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson, revealed that his first fee for a book was about $10,000. Despite that, the book’s publication brought him a lot of consultations and training businesses that earned him around $3 million.

If you want to raise your authority status and get a large amount of sales in parallel, you must find an interesting idea that is appealing for your book. Otherwise, your book will be just one of the many unsuccessful books and programs in the market.

One suggestion to attract more readers is to market it by contradicting common beliefs or approaches. For example, if common approach is long low-intense exercise, you can capture attention by talking about the benefits of short high-intense workout. If skipping meals is believed to slow down metabolism, you can impress the readers by claiming and proving the opposite, like it was with ‘Intermittent Diet’ book.

On the other hand, your marketing does not have to be just based on facts. You can write a book according to your customers’ demands, but give them the information that they truly need. Let’s say many people are in demand of information on six-pack abs exercises. You create promotion materials about six-pack abs exercises. However, in the book you include information on the right nutrition, full body training program, and mindset for attaining the goal.

One more tactic that can set you apart from competitors is to write a book on one of the small niches of weight loss instead of on the main weight loss niche. Examples of weight loss sub-niches you can try include high protein diets, bride diets, belly fat diets, and low carbohydrate diets and etc. It’ll depend on your experience and expertise area.

Create Video Product

Video products have more advantages over books and other content-based seo stuff, especially if you create action containing product. Text requests additional mental efforts from reader’s part – he must read, memorize, evaluate, think and re-think everything the writer put on a paper. Video is different. It includes motion graphics and sounds that present the comment in a way easily to consume for the users. Of course, diet and nutrition information are usually provided in a book, but for workouts video is going to be the ideal medium.

All you need to do is to set up a simple membership site and record the series of workouts on video. Each video should be short (maximum 8-10 minutes) and cover every single set of exercise in your program. To do that, divide the program by workout types, workout sets and separate exercises. Examples of workout types are dynamic, complex, density and growth hormone surge workouts. Workout sets are exercises that are performed with a number of reps each including pushups, pull-ups, squats, presses, dead lifts, etc.

You can shoot one workout set on one video, showing how exactly to perform each exercise it contains. Therefore, your final product will look like an exercise video library that provides the user fast access to every part of the program.

Publish a Newsletter
If you love writing, it should be easy for you to publish weekly or monthly newsletter right away. This is another way to add credibility and authority to your brand. The most important thing is that it allows you to attract new customers, offer your services in competition free zone and keep constant contact with potential clients.

To organize newsletter online, you must first choose an email marketing service provider. Check out those companies that offer free trials on their services. After that, you have to create a sigh up form, put it on your site, blog about it and make people want to leave their name and email in exchange for your free special report, how-to guides, etc.

What topics to cover in a newsletter? You can do research on the latest diet trends and news in the industry and discuss them with subscribers. You can provide expert review on a new or popular diet pill and nutrition supplement. You can also provide tips on how to lose weight fast for a special event, foods that increase metabolism, how to eat less without feeling hungry, how to preserve muscle loss during dieting, how much protein to eat for muscle gain and etc. There are lots of ideas to start with.

In conclusion, keep in mind that profitable ideas are often creative ones. They are always paid and sometimes unpredictably high. Fitness instructor and the founder of FitDeck Phil Black knows this very well. Six years ago he designed a deck of cards featuring exercise routines and started selling it online for $18.95. Crazy idea, isn’t it? But Phil reported last year sales of $4.7 million. Definitely beats the highest trainer’s bill.


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