A community project and something more entertaining.

 I got rid of some sites in my monthly workbox, so, it was time for new ones, and here I am trying to make new projects that make me money…eventually. I realized I was emphasizing on blogging way too much so I’m broadening back to the most general way to make money & I ended up with a directory and a forum, yea I know its way too over used, but hear me out here..

Linkdex, community project.

Now the first thing in your mind around now would be:

“Ahhh crap, not another one”

But it’s not like that Yea i know you’ve heard that alot too, the main reason I wanted a directory is to be better at SEO, it sounds odd but yea that’s it’s purpose, I took a look at dmoz, the most common thing found there is relevancy and quality sites, so, all I have to do is review every single site listed before approving it, now this helps me improve my skills of relevancy, building authority while giving everyone on that site good links. To take this a bit further I removed all options of payment or reciprocal, so that there is no way I’m doing paid links, I don’t have any intention of selling this fast, I wanna see if I can build a useful resource or not.

Fact: Out of 200 sites submitted in the first 48 hours, only 47 had any sign of uniqueness and quality.

After a tiring 2 hours, I drew up some guidelines for the people submitting sites.

Only quality sites with unique content.

No Pill sites

No spammy web directories

No spammy blogs

No sites with only affiliate links

Only quality sites..

Sites that you submit must have unique content.

After announcing that, the traffic dropped massively, I don’t care really, it’s not what I’m trying to do here, for a quick buck I could accept all links and link exchange for a week and on the next pr update I can make 50-100$/directory, but not on this one.

I hope everyone can see what I’m trying to do here.

Gossip Forums, ahh cliche..:)


Yep, I got a kick ass domain ( GOSSIP-FORUMS.COM ) outta no where and it was available, so that was the best start I had in months now, after that I spent 100$ on a vb leased license and 30$ on the skin after that I got it rolling ( a little ). It still needs alot of work but hey, I saw an oppurtunity and I went for it!

I’ve seen blogs succeed in this niche, a forum can do 10 times better since theres alot more user contribution, which takes care of the daily content problem. I haven’t done a forum in so long so this would warm me up pretty good. I didn’t use VBSEO this time, I think it can do better with out it, if not I can always add it on later down the road, heh.

Personally, I think this will grow much faster and sell for much more down the line then any of my sites, it’s a really open niche, gossip can be on anything (celebs,movies,tv,games,music..etc), that gives me a bit of edge on the content area and traffic genre! :D


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