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  Blog commenting is leaving some idea or thoughtful comments on a blog post, an individual or a business that is able to achieve exposure among that blog’s audience. Among all the popular online marketing strategy, Blog commenting is one of them. Blog commenting is basically a relationship between blogs, bloggers as well as blog readers. Blog comments can abolish an individual or a business as a thought leader in a certain industry which may lead to new business conveniences. Undoubtedly, it is a great way to enhance and exchange ideas, thoughts or opinions about a certain topic or a blog post . The principal objective for commenting on blogs is to share your thinking, ideas, develop a mutual relationship with the authors in your niche, to gain their appreciation, and boost your reputation. Blog comments collaborates the blog to attract traffic and make it social. Why is blog commenting important? Blog commenting is significant to build your brand, increase your cred

Three Scalable Ways to Monetize Your Fitness Knowledge

  Training and giving advices to people in private is a popular form of doing business for fitness trainers, dieticians and nutrition professionals. This makes their services personalized as they are customized according to the clients’ needs. The downside of the model is that it is not scalable because you cannot effectively leverage your success. Here are three simple (don’t confuse with easy) ways to expand your financial horizons outside daily practices. Write a Book   Writing a book is one way to leverage your working hours and earnings. It provides a wide range of long-term commercial benefits that will raise your income to a new level. Obviously, this is not only a number of sales your book will produce. Putting your expertise into words is the fastest ways to raise your status to “expert”. Even people who have never read your book will recognize you as an expert, simply because you’ve been published. A book establishes customers’ trust and credibility in you so th

Headway Theme Review – Easy Drag Drop Interface

  Headway wordpress theme offers “killer” features that can empower your website with ease. It has a lot of features to offer like the visual editor and SEO integration. So let’s take a further look at Headway wordpress themes and its features. The visual editor of headway theme is probably the most important and game changing feature that they offer. And the cool thing about this is that the visual editor has a quick start wizard which is great for starting out web designers and owners that don’t know what to do to customize their website. The quick step wizard has a step by step guide which lets you quickly and easily set up your website. Headway wordpress theme also have the headway styles and design editor which has three areas where you have total control over the visual design aspect of your website such as changing margins, fonts, sidebars, leafs, and so much more. Speaking of leafs, it gives you control over the placement and dimensions of the content of your page

Shannon Lilly - : Blogger Interviews

 Brief Intro about yourself? My name is Shannon Lilly and I love to blog, make money on line, learn and teach others to do the same that I do! I run several blogs including my favorites InfectedByBugs and How did you get started? This is actually a funny story… See I had been reading the big name blogs for some time. However I was getting tired of the virtually endless amounts of posts that they did on useless topics that were not about MMO or the Blogger themselves. I know BlueVerse agrees with me in this regard and thats one of the reasons I continue to read BlueVerse daily! BlueVerse was really my inspiration for starting, I have known Gnet for some time via forums and msn chat and when I found out he had a blog I was like “Dude, Link me Now”. After reading a couple of posts on here I decided I would like to take my hand at teaching others to make money on line. It has taken time to build up my blogs but I am now at around 650 to 710 rss readers on a daily basis. I

Javier - : Blogger Interviews

 Well first of all, thank you Ahson for interviewing me. My name is Javier but everybody call me Javo. Besides study Telecommunication’s Engineering, I blog at Mr. Javo dot Com, where I share online marketing information and blogging resources. I like to make money online and I help to other bloggers to explode their potential. How did you get started? The past year I was learning about blogging and internet marketing when I decided to create my own blog. I felt that I had many information to share about this topics and then I create a blog at Blogspot. In the next months, I decided to get my own self hosted blog because Blogspot became useless for me. That’s how Mr. Javo dot Com was born. Do you run your blog under any “Media” type site? Like I run mine under the control of No How long have you been blogging? Well, I started my blogspot on September 2007, but I get my own domain on January 2008. So, I can say that I have been blogging since 11 months ago. Whats your strate

Scott Weaver : - Blogger Interviews

 Interviewing Scott Weaver from Affiliate Toolbox Brief Intro about yourself? Hey, I’m Scott Weaver, I’m 25 and I live in sunny southern California. I’ve been an affiliate marketer since late 2006, but using computers since I could walk. I run several websites, with the most popular most likely being the Affiliate Toolbox. How did you get started? My dad always had several computers around the house. When I was about six or seven, he gave me a TRS-80 and a big book of BASIC. I tinkered with it and got a few things running. It wasn’t until I was about eleven years old that my dad helped me buy my own computer with a shared internet connection and I took a big interest in mIRC and its scripting capabilities. I made all kinds of add-ons for it and some of them were pretty popular. When I was thirteen, I had an online buddy who was pretty decent with some funny language called “Perl”, and he told me I could do a lot more with Perl so I gave it a shot. Right off the bat, I was making some i

A community project and something more entertaining.

 I got rid of some sites in my monthly workbox, so, it was time for new ones, and here I am trying to make new projects that make me money…eventually. I realized I was emphasizing on blogging way too much so I’m broadening back to the most general way to make money & I ended up with a directory and a forum, yea I know its way too over used, but hear me out here.. Linkdex, community project. Now the first thing in your mind around now would be: “Ahhh crap, not another one” But it’s not like that Yea i know you’ve heard that alot too, the main reason I wanted a directory is to be better at SEO, it sounds odd but yea that’s it’s purpose, I took a look at dmoz, the most common thing found there is relevancy and quality sites, so, all I have to do is review every single site listed before approving it, now this helps me improve my skills of relevancy, building authority while giving everyone on that site good links. To take this a bit further I removed all options of payment or reciproc