The best blogging frequency - 10hr rule

 Lately, I’ve been trying out this new strategy where I schedule posts for a certain time in the future right now, and since I had alot of posts (the interviews) I could try this out quite easily, I started out with a 10 hr rule, where I post once every 10 hours and see it’s effect on my RSS reader count, it had a really low impact on the reader count at first but then it bursted into 860 readers one day, since then the post frequency has been the same, so, yea I guess the post frequency schedule does have alot to offer, maybe even more then just rss readers.

I realized that scheduling posts in wordpress is not only good for rss readers but for everything (in general) as well, I drew up some points here.

More content

More reasons for your visitors to come back again and again.

Better practice for you as a blogger to meet deadlines without any consequences.

After you have scheduled one post you have 10 hours to come up with another one, not too much pressure, ay?

Try out scheduling, it just might be the kick your blog needs!


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